Union House Reception Area Feature Wall Complete

Concept Cubicle Systems: Reception Area Feature Wall

Parametric Walls created an eye-catching bespoke design for the reception area feature wall of Concept Cubicle Systems. This company specialises in washroom product innovation, working directly with architects, designers, and contractors to carry out the supply and installation of washroom solutions. They requested Parametric Walls help to create a lasting first impression to visitors, as they enter Union House. They also wanted to showcase their branding through this renovation project.

Through the utilisation of Parametric Walls, the company achieved their goal. In order to carry out this project, implementation of MR Walls, CDUK Corian Solid Surfaces and Applelec RGBW LED Light Sheet occurred.

Mario Romano Walls act as Parametric Walls partner, to provide a vast portfolio of architectural configurations for renovating interior or exterior walls. In this case, the MR Walls’ “Flame Design” was used. The Flame design was wrapped around an embossed engraving of the Union House logo, which created a unique and impactful reception area for Concept Cubicle Systems.

The walls are made using Corian® Solid Surfaces. CDUK company produces and sells materials and products of highly technological and qualitative level, using patented technologies. Corian is a composite material manufactured from a mix of polymer and natural minerals. Its benefits for use on this project include the following properties: non-porous, extremely hygienic, tough, environmentally friendly, impenetrable so this makes it difficult for mould and bacteria to grow.

Concept Cubicle Systems’ new reception wall was backlit by Applelec RGBW LED Light Sheets. This allowed for the creation of a mesmerising and dynamic lighting display that could be controlled via a remote, mounted in a cupboard behind the reception desk. RGBW LED Light Sheet is a versatile backlighting unit which delivers even illumination, it was easily integrated to highlight the texture that had been created with MR Walls designs into the Corian solid surface.

The finished product was a beautiful and striking feature that added a unique touch to the reception area of Concept Cubicle Systems’ building, Union House. The backlit panels created an ambient effect, and the custom logo embossment added a personal touch to the space. The reception area became a focal point for the building and is widely admired by visitors and staff. This project showcases the impressive reception area feature wall that Parametric Walls was able to create for Concept Cubicle Systems.

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