Kitchen Feature Wall at The Pool House: A Poolside Kitchen

Parametric Walls collaborated with Inspired Kitchens to carry out a kitchen renovation project, including a kitchen feature wall, for a high-end residential client. The goal was to create a modern and colourful kitchen design that would enhance the ambience of the poolside area. To achieve this, Parametric Walls used MR Walls Honey Design, Corian Solid Surface in Glacier White and Applelec RGBW LED Light Sheets for the project’s feature wall.

The MR Walls Honey Design was selected from Mario Romano Walls’ algorithmically generated architectural designs and covered the entire back wall of the kitchen and the pool-facing side of the serving island. CDUK provided the Corian Solid Surfaces, a composite product made from polymer and natural minerals, were chosen for their durability, non-porosity, repairability, sustainability, and most importantly, waterproof quality, making them ideal for a poolside kitchen.

To backlight the kitchen feature wall, Applelec RGBW LED Light Sheets were used, providing an even distribution of light that highlighted the intricate details of the design. The RGBW LED Light Sheets could be controlled remotely, allowing the homeowner to adjust the colours and light intensity to their liking.

The kitchen feature wall, a mesmerising masterpiece, became the focal point of the house, admired by family and friends. The use of high-quality materials, stunning design and premium lighting solutions, combined with Parametric Walls’ expertise in creating beautiful kitchen designs, created a functional and aesthetic space that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Parametric Walls is proud to showcase this project, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing top-notch kitchen renovation services. From concept to completion, the team worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was perfect, resulting in a beautifully crafted kitchen that enhanced the overall aesthetic of the poolside area.

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