About Parametric Walls

Parametric Walls is the exclusive distributor of MR Walls in the UK and Ireland. We design, manufacture and install beautiful features using solid surface materials, lighting solutions and patterns by M|R Walls. 


Our services

Our comprehensive service portfolio is designed to support our clients from conceptualisation to completion.

Collaborating closely with designers, we engage in a creative exploration of possibilities, providing detailed project design assistance, including drawing and rendering services.


Interior designers served

From commercial venues to residential settings, our expertise in creating textured parametric walls has set new standards in design and execution.


Project success

Our deep understanding of our clients’ visions, ensures that each project is a testament to our unparalleled craftsmanship and the transformative power of Parametric Walls.

M|R Walls
Applelec Lighting

Our partners

Parametric Walls collaborates with CDUK for Corian and sustainable Polygood materials, and partners with Mario Romano for unique designs and Applelec for bespoke lighting solutions. This synergy ensures our projects are not only aesthetically superior but also environmentally responsible, highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainability in architectural design.


The following section showcases a curated selection of our completed projects, each exemplifying the transformative potential of our collaborations and materials. These examples are presented to inspire designers to explore and envision the limitless possibilities that Parametric Walls offers. Through these case studies, we aim to ignite your creativity and encourage the discovery of innovative designs that redefine spaces.

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