About Applelec

Applelec Lighting is a UK manufacturer and supplier of premium architectural lighting solutions, such as our award winning, lumi sheet, Applelec LED Light Sheet.

Lighting Solutions

LED Light Sheet

The following section showcases a curated selection of our completed projects, each exemplifying the transformative potential of our collaborations and materials. These examples are presented to inspire designers to explore and envision the limitless possibilities that Parametric Walls offers. Through these case studies, we aim to ignite your creativity and encourage the discovery of innovative designs that redefine spaces.

LED Lightsheet 2
Sloan LEDs

LED Modules

As the exclusive UK suppliers of SloanLED, we deliver outstanding LED modules and solutions, enabling the creation of distinctive and captivating lighting designs. SloanLED stands out for its high-performance, powerful LEDs that offer superior brightness and efficiency through advanced technology. These versatile, lightweight modules are perfect for various applications, including challenging installations like ceilings. With a 10-year warranty, SloanLED guarantees quality and durability. Applelec Lighting enhances customer support with a complimentary LED layout service, ensuring precision in lighting projects.


Auragami by Applelec Lighting is the latest in flexible, versatile backlighting technology, designed to facilitate complex lighting schemes. It’s uniquely adaptable:

  • Shape It: Bendable up to 90°, Auragami provides consistent, flawless lighting for counters, tables, and shelving.
  • Wrap It: Its design allows for wrapping around columns or curved surfaces, offering uniform illumination and a premium finish.
  • Cut It: Easily cut to size on-site, Auragami ensures precise fit around obstacles and accommodates last-minute adjustments.
  • Fix It: With an adhesive 3M backing, installation is straightforward on any smooth surface, and quick connectors allow for scalable setups, ensuring uniform light across large areas.

Featuring tight pitch, powerful LEDs, Auragami excels in backlighting dense materials up to 20mm thick and is available in various LED colours and dimmable options, enhancing any design aesthetic.