Parametric Walls Embraces Clerkenwell Design Week with a Stunning Art Installation

At the heart of the UK’s leading design festival, Clerkenwell Design Week, Parametric Walls has once again showcased their design and creativity. Known for their expertise in creating bespoke wall and decorative features, Parametric Walls took on the project of repurposing a recent Harvey Nichols window display, originally created for Valentine’s Day, into a captivating Tunnel of Love.

The installation repurposed the elements of the Harvey Nichols display into an immersive experience, inviting visitors to explore the tunnel’s intricate design and romantic ambiance. Local Bradford artist, Paul Chirwa, contributed his talents to the project, adding a love-themed artwork that complemented the tunnel’s design. Gobo lighting effects, provided by Rosco, further enhanced the visual impact, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow that captivated visitors.

The art installation not only showcased the brand’s commitment to design without limits but also emphasised the potential of repurposing in achieving sustainable and innovative design solutions. The concept revolves around Parametric Walls approach, which merges technology with aesthetics to create dynamic and engaging spaces.

It’s location in Cow Cross Yards tunnel presented unique challenges, including a busy pedestrian walkway and uneven surfaces. However, the team’s expertise in project management and installation ensured that these obstacles were skilfully navigated. The result was a seamless integration of the art piece within the space, ensuring that the flow of pedestrian traffic was maintained while providing an unforgettable visual experience.


The Tunnel of Love installation was more than just an art piece; it was a statement on the power of repurposing and the endless possibilities of design. Visitors were left inspired and entertained, reflecting on the application of design in new and unexpected ways. Parametric Walls’ ability to transform a temporary window display into a permanent installation at Clerkenworth Design Week stands as a testament to their mission: to enable designers to create beautiful, wall and decorative features, without limits.

Parametric Walls is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design, offering services ranging from expert installation to comprehensive project management and customised manufacturing. With an in-house team of experienced designers and installers, Parametric Walls ensures that each project is executed with precision, creativity, and professionalism.

Whether you are an interior designer, architect, contractor, or an affluent homeowner in the UK, Parametric Walls is your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life. Their unique products, exclusive distribution rights, and national coverage make them the go-to choice for those who value quality, innovation, and design excellence.

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