Henig Diamonds Feature Wall

A Stunning Feature Wall and Ceiling at Henig Diamonds

Parametric Walls was recently chosen by Henig Diamonds, a prestigious diamond dealer based in London’s Hatton Garden, to engineer, manufacture, and install a feature wall and ceiling that would make a lasting impression on their clients. The primary goal was to create an eye-catching feature that incorporated a back illuminated feature wall and ceiling panel.


To achieve this, Parametric Walls utilised a range of high-quality materials, including M|R Walls Flame pattern, Applelec LED Lightsheet, and CDUK solid surface Corian in glacier white. In partnership with Designers Master Decorators in London, Parametric Walls set out to create a ceiling fixture with low profile backlighting, no visible joins, and a halo effect glow around the periphery.


The engineering team in Bradford faced a unique challenge in creating this customised feature, given the complex nature of the project. However, with tight deadlines and a commitment to excellence, Parametric Walls delivered a stunning, personalized, and unique feature that exceeded the expectations of their client.


The final outcome was a masterpiece that perfectly blended elegance, innovation, and functionality. The feature wall and ceiling panel added a touch of sophistication to the diamond dealer’s showroom, creating a mesmerizing focal point that drew in visitors and captivated their attention.


Director Paul Stothers shared his thoughts on the project, saying, “This was a challenge that we knew would be difficult. We had tight deadlines and some engineering challenges thanks to the ceiling and low profile back lighting requirements. But as they say – no pressure, no diamonds – excuse the pun. We are all delighted with the end results.”


In conclusion, Parametric Walls’ ability to design and engineer custom feature walls and ceilings that are both functional and visually stunning is unmatched. The company’s partnership with Applelec and CDUK and their exclusive distributorship of M|R Walls in the UK and Ireland provides them with a unique advantage over competitors. If you are an interior designer looking to create customized feature walls and ceilings that are sure to impress your clients, Parametric Walls should be your go-to partner.

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