Parametric Walls’ Collaboration with Facepunch Studio

As a leading business in the design industry, it’s important to showcase successful collaborations that highlight the capabilities of Parametric Walls. In this case study, we explore how Parametric Walls worked with Facepunch Studio and other partners to create a stunning designer wall that transformed their meeting room into an immersive space.

Facepunch Studio’s goal was to create a modern and contemporary environment in their new office space in central Birmingham. To achieve this, they approached leading office designer Oktra to help them redesign their office space. Oktra, in turn, approached Parametric Walls to collaborate on a feature wall for Facepunch’s meeting room.

Parametric Walls worked with trusted partners, including ApplelecMR Walls, and CDUK, to create a customised and high-quality solution. Applelec provided RGBW LED Light sheets that created a mesmerising backlit effect, while MR Walls executed the Flame Design, a 3D texture that enhanced the visual impact of the wall. CDUK provided the perfect material for the wall itself, a high-quality Corian® product that was easy to work with and provided the perfect finish.

The Result

The result was an immersive meeting room that aligned perfectly with Facepunch Studio’s modern aesthetic. The feature wall was visually striking and engaging, offering employees and visitors a captivating experience. This collaboration showcased Parametric Walls’ ability to bring clients’ visions to life and create customized, high-quality feature walls.

For interior designers looking to enhance their clients’ spaces with custom feature walls, Parametric Walls offers a comprehensive solution that inspires and engages. From start to finish, they work closely with their clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life in a way that exceeds expectations. Contact Parametric Walls today to start your own collaboration and transform your space.

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